Week 8

Week 8, here we go.

Week 8

The Fall regular season is over (save for football) and I'm busy putting together some Gold Ball Odds for all 3 sports in-between last-minute trips to get more firewood.

Gold Ball Odds are up for Field Hockey (the data viz is acting weird, but the math is good) and soccer should be up tomorrow.

After last week's nearly impossible Beat the Model performance, Tyler was keen to rally, but when Oceanside only beat Medomak by 6, his streak continues.

I'm not sure which games came in first, but he went 0-3 on the games of Saturday the 7th, so we know he's at least on a 0-15 streak. He's the Joe DiMaggio of getting games wrong.

Congratulations to Westbrook's girls soccer team.

I'm in a bit of a rush, but today's games are, as always, after the jump.