The Case For Four Classes

We Have to Go Back!

The Case For Four Classes

If you've been reading the newsletter for any amount of time you're probably aware that I am not a fan of our current 5-class structure...for a lot of reasons. So, when Bob Beatham, Jr. published an open letter at Eastern Maine Sports calling for a return to 4 classes (i.e. The Way Things Should Be), I was all ears.

Obviously, I had to have him on the podcast to talk about that and some other changes he would make.

As always, you can listen to this wherever you podcast.

With the NBA playoffs starting, earlier this week I talked to our resident Heat fan, Mike Mandell of the Kennebec Journal about Miami's chances in the first round against the Celtics (not great).

We also discussed spring sports and a couple other things.

I even broke out an old Red Claws hat for the occasion.

Speaking of Spring Sports...

Spring Sports Rankings
Baseball. Softball. Lacrosse.

Spring Sports Rankings are here!

After working through a mountain of spreadsheet quirks (and surely there's more to find), I've got ranking for baseball, softball, and lacrosse. These are a tiny bit different from basketball in that they don't use last season as a starting point, because I don't have last season's stats to work with.

This is all going to be behind the paywall, because it falls under the definition of "extra". Basketball and Football rankings will remain free.

When you find an issue (and you will), let me know.

Which also means, let's take a look at the Model's picks for today...