The Crazies Win

Brunswick pulls off an upset.

The Crazies Win

You'd forgive the Brunswick fans driving down to Yarmouth yesterday if they weren't super optimistic about their semifinal matchup. Sure, they were coming off a big quarterfinal victory over GNG, but there's a big difference between a 1-win team that's only in the playoffs because there aren't enough team to fill out the region and the defending champion 1 seed that beat you by 44 points only 17 days ago. The Model had them as a 17-point underdog and that felt low.

That's why we play the games.

Yarmouth would score with 1:05 to play, but Brunswick stopped the 2 point conversion and just like that, the Dragons are in the Regional Final.

We have the white smoke.


This is hardly a surprise. Most people expected it. UConn tried to make it interesting at the end, but we're about to see a lot of Duke gear at the ACC for the foreseeable future.

Jayson Tatum had thoughts.

The big question is: will Duke schedule a game in Maine? They've done this a number of times in the past. They played a game in Alaska when Trajan Langdon was there. Of course, that game happened in Langdon's senior year and Cooper probably isn't playing 4 years of college basketball. That's a safe bet.

The Celtics are off to a 3-0 start and look pretty great so far.

If you missed this last year, Pete Rogers designed a different jersey for every win and he's at it again. They're all pretty awesome, but this one is just fantastic.

You can buy some of the jerseys at Banner18 and according to Twitter, these will be available later today with part of the proceeds going to the victims in Lewiston.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we're getting more information about the response in Lewiston.

Police were warned twice since May that Robert R. Card II was armed and paranoid
The Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office released documents on Monday showing the office had records of two prior interactions containing warning signs on Robert R. Card II’s mental status and his access to firearms.

The more we learn, the more clear it seems that the minimal systems set up to prevent this from happening failed over and over again.

We need new systems. And some of these people need to no longer be in charge of them.

That's the polite version of that.

We've got a good slate today. Lot of football matchup and the bulk of the field hockey semifinals.

The Model's pick for today's games are after the jump.