Blowouts galore.


It was a collection of blowouts and upsets yesterday in playoff football. Camden won 44-0. OOB won 68-0. Greely won 38-0. Cony beat Mt. Blue 53-6. This can tend to happen when you have 6 teams in a region.

But we did have some upsets. MDI beat Morse 32-3. Stearns rolled Bucksport 46-14. More blowouts.

But! #6 Old Town beat #3 Belfast 14-12. #5 Nokomis beat #4 Hampden 14-13. And Sanford outlasted Noble, 21-20.

The Field Hockey semifinals were mostly chalk. Biddeford knocked off Gorham, but in everything else the seeding held.

The Gold Ball Odds have been updated.

All in all, a pretty busy Halloween.

Which leads us to Noirvember.

Hopefully, the shoveling party in Greenville went well yesterday.


Tell me again how unstoppable the Suns are.

The investigation into the Lewiston tragedy is getting worse.

State police waited hours to track Lewiston shooter after finding vehicle, had ‘radio silence’ with local officers
An Androscoggin County Sheriff’s deputy has harshly criticized the Maine State Police’s handling of communication in the manhunt for Robert Card, while another official says it took 12 hours before police began tracking Card from his abandoned vehicle.

It's a light schedule today, which means that all eyes will be in Lewiston, where the Battle of the Bridge will never be more poignant.

Today's games are, as always, after the jump.