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Pine Tree went to great lengths to make sure we had a game today.

Pine Tree Travel

Believe it or not, we actually had a game yesterday.

The Pine Tree boys were in Vinalhaven for one of the day/night doubleheaders on the island. They play at night. They sleep somewhere. And then they play the next morning with enough time to catch the ferry. So they were able to get a game in before the storm rolled through.

And then they took an hour and fifteen minute ferry to Rockland before driving an hour and 45 minutes home. And by that point, I have to imagine the roads must have been getting pretty dicey.

With the snow day, that gave me a chance to update the Tourney Odds.

It looks like we've got quite a bit of clarity in AA North boys.

Ignore the bit where it says 99.9% instead of 100%. That's a dumb thing I have to fix where I told it to round down last year for reasons I can't remember.

Even with the loss to Gorham, Windham controls their destiny for the 1 seed. Portland has locked up the 3. It's rare to see a team this locked this early. But it's not unprecedented. One year, the Greely girls (Anna DeWolfe version) were at 100% for the 1 seed on January 1st. (Spoiler: they were the 1 seed)

Thomas and Cole are back with another episode of the AA Round-Up.

I'll just say that Thomas is Gorham's play-by-play guy, so he might have been a little excited about their win over Windham.

This is kind of interesting.

The Clippers' new stadium is going to have a wall of fans.

I guess I have two questions: who shoots at this basket in the second half? And there are enough Clippers fans to fill this?

We got to B North girls, where Ellsworth has pretty much locked up the 1 seed.

Ellsworth is doing a great job of defending their title so far. After Hall-Dale got shut down by Spruce, they're now the highest scoring girls team in the state and also lead the state in scoring differential, which is usually Southern Aroostook's claim to fame. They've been dominant.

They'll host an Old Town team that's got the inside edge on the 2 seed and could still get the 1 if they run the table (and get some help).

They met already this year and Old Town gave Ellsworth their biggest test of the season, losing by 5 at home.

Can they pull off the upset?

The Model's predictions for the rest of today's games are after the jump.