Not Great

Not Great

Well...they haven't found him yet (or at least they hadn't as of 2am) and it seems like either he killed himself in the woods or he planned this and had a second car or a jet-ski ready to go and if so, yikes.

It's not great. People are obviously scared.

Hannaford was closed for a couple of hours. But, also:

LL Bean was closed! If my memory serves, they closed LL Bean for the first time for COVID.

Anyway, stay safe.

As with any tragedy...

Perceptions and the Helpers - Beyond Housing

So let's find some helpers.

The Bruins (unlike the Celtics) have really stepped up. Maybe it's the Jim Montgomery influence.

I love this.

And this.

And I really love this.

But. Why is it blue? Shouldn't it be forest green or whatever color a pine tree is?

If you want to help people more directly, GoFundMe has created a page for verified campaigns, so you can be sure that you're giving to the actual victims and not some scammer.

The MPA has pushed some games and pretty much left the scheduling up to the schools.

There's no good solution here. We still need to finish a soccer quarterfinal game. And everything else is a mess.

There's no way to know what games will happen today. It's like a blizzard that could go on for days and days.

But, the Model's picks for what might be today's games are after the jump.