Mackenzie and Anna and JP

Maine's impact was seen all over March Madness this week.

Mackenzie and Anna and JP

Our dream of a Mackenzie Holmes vs. Anna DeWolfe Elite 8 matchup didn't happen, but Maine still had a pretty good showing in March Madness.

Holmes, of course, was the big star, even getting the ultimate honor of the ArtButMakeItSports treatment.

What a career.

Holmes will now (very likely) head to the WNBA, where a couple mock drafts I've seen have her going in the 2nd round to Indiana, which makes a lot of sense. They seem to have adopted her there (although she'll always be a Mainer).

One would think Anna DeWolfe isn't done either. She was instrumental in getting Notre Dame to the Sweet 16. Hopefully she can find a career overseas.

Speaking of playing overseas, I had a really fun conversation with Troy Barnies on the podcast, talking about staying healthy deep into your 30's, playing overseas, the importance of a shot clock and so much more.

You can check out the video of it on YouTube...

Or listen to it as a podcast everywhere you podcast.

Drew Bonifant has an article in the Portland Press Herald about the MPA's decision to keep relegation (which they should).

Basketball: MPA panel chooses to keep classification drop-down rule into next year
The Basketball Committee opted against changes this season to the rule, which gives struggling teams a chance to play down a class.

It's hard to argue year 1 of relegation wasn't a success, even if some people have some very inaccurate opinions that teams like Noble stole a playoff spot from another team.

Bonny Eagle Athletic Director Eric Curtis said he was in favor of keeping the rule that two-thirds of teams in a region qualify, and not adding spots to account for teams playing down.
“The Noble boys situation, yeah, they took somebody’s spot, but did that team belong in a tournament? Or are we continuing to water it down?” he said.

This is just not true. There were 8 playoff spots in A South last year. Adding Noble (and Massabesic) got the region to 13 teams, which automatically added a spot. Because that's how it works.

I spoke to Noble's coach about that very thing. Plus the challenges of building a winning culture from scratch. And for some reason I wore the same sweatshirt in each of these podcasts.

If you were watching UConn's absolutely dominant second half, you undoubtedly caught this.

Are we adopting Donovan Clingan as an honorary Mainer? I don't know who makes these decisions. Is it Tim Sample?

If you were watching the Purdue/Tennessee game yesterday, you saw JP Estrella get his career high in minutes playing fantastic defense on POTY Zach Edey.

Hell, there was so much Maine influence this weekend that over in the other Portland, they paid homage to our crooked Expo floor by playing with the wrong 3-point line.

Uneven 3-point lines in NCAA Women’s Tournament: Officials say Portland court wrongly measured for five games
The error was discovered before Texas and NC State met in the Elite Eight, but they agreed to play the game to avoid a delay

You play the lines on the floor, I guess.

To the surprise of no one, Cooper Flagg is the national Gatorade Player of the Year.

Duke lost last night, which annually gives a lot of people joy. If you're one of those people...