Hundo Watch

Falmouth wins a big one. The Sumner girls almost pull off an epic comeback.

Hundo Watch

In the Game of the Day, Chris Simonds (21 points) and Falmouth survived a Thornton Academy rally to move to 8-2 on the year. They're in second place in A South.

TA falls to 4-7. They've lost 6 straight and there's not an easy win on their schedule until February 8th. Things could get worse before they get better.

You won't find a more unlikely comeback than this.

The Bucksport girls probably felt pretty good about their night. After 3 quarters, they led Sumner 21-9. But then Sumner ripped off a 17-5 final quarter to force overtime.

Bucksport would prevail in the extra period, but imagine a team essentially doubling the points they scored in the first three quarters in a comeback.


Bryce Guitard's 31 led Noble to a win over Biddeford. Travis Edgerton had 23 for the Tigers...Gavin Lunt's 26 wasn't enough for Lawrence against Camden. The Windjammers were led by Will Duke's 21...Ashton Leclerc hit 7 3's en route to 26 points. Caden Smith added 21 for Gorham...Caleb Murphy's go-ahead 3 in the final seconds gave Mt. Ararat a win over Greely...In the girls' game, Mt. Ararat raced out to a 25-0 lead and held Greely to 12 points...Kevin Rugabirwa's 20 led Portland to a win over Oxford Hills...Carter Blanche hit 5 3's and scored 22 points to lead Scarborough...Inyas Janoch had 26 for Ashland in a win over Van Buren...Morgan Fichthorn had 21 and Morgan Cunningham added 19 as Cony beat Skowhegan...Maddy Christman's free throw with 5 seconds left gave Falmouth a win in overtime. She finished with 18 points and 20 rebounds...Freeport's Maddie Cormier's 23 wasn't enough against Marshwood and Isabelle Tice's 17...Hodgdon's Megan Peters dropped 29 on Washburn...Lawrence's Maddie Provost went off for 37 against Camden...Bailey Breen also put up 37 for Oceanside against Lincoln Academy...Maddy Werner's 23 points and a 21-3 run fueled Brunswick's win over Westbrook.

Here's Koral Morin's buzzer-beater for Lewiston.

I went to the Lincoln Academy/Oceanside boys game last night because I like to see buckets and it's near my house.

We very nearly got to 100.

Lincoln Academy started strong. Gabe Hagar had a big 1st quarter (he finished with 22) and the Eagles led early, but Carter Galley got Oceanside to a 4-point lead after 1.

I hadn't seen Oceanside in person since the state game, but it quickly becomes apparent just how relentless their offense is. You can survive it for stretches, but not forever. Coaches love to say that the team has to engage for the full 32 minutes, but against Oceanside you really have to. Because if you don't, they'll whip off a 12-0 run and ruin your night.

The Mariners stretched their lead to 50-32 at the half. On pace for 100! But Lincoln wouldn't quit. They opened the second half with a 9-2 run.

And then things got interesting.

So to set the stage, I'm standing in the corner by the Oceanside bench (that's where the best view of the court and the scoreboard is) when someone runs up to me saying something about a medic. I am not a medic. I am bad with blood. But I look at the stands and there is clearly someone in distress. People start yelling for a medic and I add to it (I have no idea where the medic is. Again, I'm useless in this situation). Not to get into someone's medical issues, but it's a 911 situation and a lengthy delay (I'm told she's fine).

I'd been monitoring the Medomak/Mount View game via Mount View's stream and Mount View was up 6 in the 4th quarter. So with the delay, I'm watching the feed and suddenly I'm surrounded by Oceanside parents and players who are curious about how their rivals are doing.

Some good, old-fashioned scoreboard watching. Do you remember even 5 years ago when we had no idea what was happening in other games? We'd often not find out who won for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Medomak had erased Mount View's lead and were up 2 with a couple seconds to play.

This should take you to 1:48:41 for a wild finish.

After that, we were on Hundo Watch.

In the end, Oceanside got to 95 in a game that was pretty competitive, all things considered. For most of the game, it felt like if Hagar or Tucker Stiles got hot for Lincoln Academy, they could get back in the game.

I guess what I'm saying is Oceanside put up 95 and at no point did it even remotely feel like they were running up the score.

I guess that's the difference. When I was playing in the 90's, a 20-point deficit meant game over. But now? That might just mean you haven't caught fire yet.

What's crazy is Oceanside got to 95 and they were the third highest scoring team on the night. The Valley boys put up 96 on Rangeley and Hampden dropped 98 on Gardiner.

This is an awesome shot.

Cooper had a big day at Hoop Hall.

And the stellar reviews keep coming.

Is there a coach in the state that doesn't relate to this?

The scoreboard is up and there's a lot of postponements coming in, so check before you drive anywhere in this weather.

If you know of one, you can of course add it. You can also add a notable performance in the "Notable" column.

This was supposed to be Machias and Schenck and I wrote up a whole thing and then it got PPD'ed.

So we'll head to Dirigo. They host the Spruce Mountain boys (maybe).

Coming into last night's action, Dirigo had a wide spread in the Tourney Odds. They could still get the 1 seed, but they could also fall all the way down to 13. More likely, they look to be in the mix for the final bye, so Heal Points will be at a premium. One of the best opportunities on their remaining schedule is Spruce Mountain.

The Phoenix are in their own Heal Point battle. They're 7-2 and sitting 5th in a 5-team logjam at the top of B South and they currently project to stay there, potentially looking at a rematch with Lincoln Academy. They've got a very slim chance at climbing to 3, but a bigger chance of falling to 6. They don't want to fall to 6.

These profiles are pretty, pretty similar. The only real difference is Spruce has played more games.

Should be a good one!

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