Girls Soccer Quarterfinals

We've already got an upset.

Girls Soccer Quarterfinals

One day in and we've already lost a 1 seed as the Oceanside girls soccer team fell to Presque Isle, 2-1. So far, Presque Isle has traveled to Oceanside twice and Erskine once. Next, they get to go to Hermon. Hopefully the bus driver gets a raise. Or at least a case of beer.

Elsewhere, Brewer pulled off an upset in boys soccer.

The Gold Ball Odds for soccer and field hockey are updated.

You can see the damage Brewer has already done to the A North bracket.

The Women's AP All-American team looks pretty, pretty, pretty good.

And, oh hey, look who's there.

Today we've got the other half of the field hockey quarterfinals and the bulk of the boys soccer quarterfinals.

As always, all of the Model's picks for today's games are after the jump.

The Model is now 68-8 on these playoffs.