Football Regional Final Saturday

It's a big day around the state.

It's time for the football Regional Finals!

We've already done one, as Wells made short work of Winthrop yesterday, rolling to a 35-6 win. They'll face the winner of Foxcroft and Bapst.

Today we've got the rest of the football Regional Finals, the 8-person Gold Ball games (can Orono actually test OOB?), and the Soccer Gold Ball games.

I really like the In-Season Tournament, but this is MPA levels of tone deaf.

How do you not let them have parquet involved in the court? That's insane.

I got the NBA Model up and running. It's purely for entertainment purposes, of course (wink). Just remember that the Model has no idea if Giannis is sitting or LeBron is hurt or Derrick White just had a kid or Kyrie has gone on a vision quest. So keep that in mind.

Anyway, I will say that since I caught it up, the Model is 16-8 ATS. Today's picks for that and all the playoffs games are after the jump.