Football? Football?

What happens when we train the Model on football?

Football? Football?

Back before the pandemic hit and everything went to hell (or maybe it was in the early days of the pandemic? Who can remember?), I mocked up a rough version of the Model for football. And then everything went to hell and I never implemented it.

I had an extra hour tonight so I loaded all the scores from this year's 11-man season and ran the Model for tomorrow's games.

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Keep in mind that part of what makes the Model effective is I'm able to watch it in action and dial it in and this hasn't been test driven at all. So there's a good chance it'll do quite poorly. But, hey, let's find out together!

Also keep in mind that I have paid zero attention to this football season.

The Rankings

Here's your Top 25. Feel free to compare it to others. One note is that the Model weighs playoff games more heavily than regular season games. Leavitt moves to #1 on the strength of having played a playoff game.

EDIT: I am aware I have some teams in the wrong regions. Should be fixed for the next update.

This Week's Games

Here goes nothing.

The Semifinal Games

The Regional Finals

Feel free to tell me where I'm wrong in the comments.