Ep. 3: Awards Thoughts and a Look at Next Season with Adam Robinson of the Bangor Daily News

Adam Robinson of the Bangor Daily News joins me to talk about the awards for Mr. and Miss Basketball and the Gatorade Player of the Year.

Ep. 3: Awards Thoughts and a Look at Next Season with Adam Robinson of the Bangor Daily News

Adam Robinson of the Bangor Daily News joins Maine Basketball Rankings’ Lucas McNelly to talk about the awards for Mr. and Miss Basketball and the Gatorade Player of the Year. Then, they discuss which teams are the early contenders for next year’s Gold Balls. After that, they go over classification and take a quick look at March Madness.


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0:00:01 Lucas: You.

0:00:03 Adam: My guest today is the one and only, live from Jackman Maine, apparently, Adam Robinson of the Bangor Daily News. Thanks for joining me.

0:00:12 C: Thank you very much for having me.

0:00:13 Adam: So tell people about this hat we were just talking about a minute ago. They were just handing these out at the Forest Hills game.

0:00:18 Lucas: Yeah.

0:00:19 C: At the Southern Aroostook Forest Hills d final, boys. The Forest Hill fans came with just huge, like, trash bags full of them, and they were giving them out to everybody in the stands and gave them out to all the media people. So I didn't wear it during the game, but I figured now would be a great time to wear it. It's a great hat.

0:00:37 Adam: I think you're not allowed to wear it during the game, probably.

0:00:39 C: No, I think that would be frowned upon since I was writing about the game, but awesome hat.

0:00:47 Adam: They'd be like, he's clearly biased. He's wearing a hat, bright orange hat that says Jackman on it.

0:00:53 C: Right, exactly.

0:00:55 Adam: All right, so I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things here. So first off, since we just finished awards season, let's talk a little bit about awards season. Will Davies just got the Gatorade player of the year and Mr. Basketball, and Maddie Fitzgerald got Gatorade player of the year for the girls, and it was Lizzie Gruber for Miss Basketball. If I had asked you two weeks ago, how many of those would you have gotten?

0:01:21 Lucas: Right.

0:01:21 C: Do you think I would have probably gotten just Lizzie Gruber? Right, okay.

0:01:27 Adam: That's what I'm thinking, too. You don't want to take away from what anybody's accomplished or anything. And I think we all said go all the way down the line that the boys race was completely wide open and no one had any idea who was going to win that. So, yeah, I think the thing for me is, I think we need some more transparency, because I don't know if anyone would have gotten all four of those.

0:01:53 C: Right. Yeah, right. No, I don't think anybody probably would have picked all four of them. And right. This isn't to take away from Maddie Fitzpatrick, who had a great season for Chevrolet, and Will Davies, obviously really strong season. I saw his stats today, like 22, I think seven and seven or something around there. Really good. Really good season for Thornton Academy. Obviously deserving. But like you said, I think there were five, six guys that were deserving for the Gatorade player of the year. And then I thought a couple of people could have been up for Mr. Basketball, too. So?

0:02:38 Lucas: Yeah.

0:02:38 C: I don't know. They say that for Mr. And Miss Main basketball, they say that there's former coaches and media members that have voted, and I don't know of any media members that are voting for it, but maybe they just don't send it to me. They don't send me much.

0:02:55 Adam: You don't even get the press releases now.

0:02:57 C: Yeah, right. But yeah, no interesting picks. I think they're all deserving, but I would have probably been one for four in my predictions.

0:03:09 Adam: I reached out to the Gatorade Player of the Year people because I was like because the wording on it is so weird, and it's basically like an elite group of experts, and it sounds like the Illuminati or something makes these selections. And I was just like, well, who are these people? And I'm like, I don't even want to know their names. Are these people all in Florida? Are they all in New York? Are any of them in Maine? Are they talking to people from Maine?

0:03:38 Adam: Do they know where Madam Juan Cook is? Yeah, exactly.

0:03:42 C: Have they been to Ellsworth?

0:03:44 Adam: Have they ever heard of Ellsworth?

0:03:46 C: Right. And they point to Ellsworth on a map. Right.

0:03:50 Adam: Could they get to the Augusta Civic Center without directions? Any number of things. And they flat out said, we refuse to give you this information because of privacy concerns. Meanwhile, you can Google the people who are on the Nobel Prize Committee and they will tell you who they are. Yeah, the Nobel Prize, which comes with a million dollars, and the Gatorade Player of the Year comes with a banner that you can hang up in a gym.

0:04:19 Adam: And I think that's pretty much it.

0:04:22 C: Yeah, that is pretty much it.

0:04:25 Lucas: Yeah.

0:04:25 C: No, it's just weird because you follow the whole state and I try to follow the whole state, and I've been to a billion different games. I was counting in my notebook. I think I have, like, 34 box scores, and that's just in that notebook. I've seen a lot of players, and I don't know who these Gatorade players voters are going to see. I mean, last year, Cooper Flag, that was a pretty big layup of a choice. That was pretty easy.

0:04:52 Lucas: Yeah.

0:04:54 C: But yeah, I don't know who's making the choices or whatnot, but maybe one day they'll tell us.

0:05:01 Lucas: I don't know. Maybe.

0:05:02 Adam: I mean, I thought if it was going to be AAA kid, I thought it was going to be Sylvano Silvano.

0:05:06 Lucas: Yeah.

0:05:06 C: Silvano. Yeah.

0:05:07 Adam: That seems like the obvious choice if you were going to Goa. And I think we both thought it was going to be Chance Mercier. Mercier. Mercier.

0:05:16 C: Mercier. Yeah. Depending on, I guess, what part of Maine you're in. But I thought it was going to be Chance Mercier, too. I thought he was the best player that I saw this year. Saw him a few times, and he was really special. And I saw Silvano once against Hamden up here, and he completely took over that game. He did it all for Chevrolet this year, and Will Davies did it all for Thornton, too. So I guess it's pick who you want. But yeah, it would be nice to know who's voting and what they've seen, if they've just seen highlights or if they're just talking to coaches or what it is. But it'd be nice to know the.

0:05:59 Adam: Thing I'd like them to do because they have in the thing where it's like it's about your grades and your character stuff and do you hold the door for old ladies and your stats, but they always seem to end up with one of the three best players in the state, which is weird if you have all these other criteria. Just once I want them to pick someone who's, like, second team All Conference, but they got, like, a perfect Sat score and they're like, doing the Peace Corps in the offseason.

0:06:33 Lucas: Yeah.

0:06:34 C: Just a saint of a person.

0:06:35 Lucas: Yeah.

0:06:36 Adam: Mother Teresa off the floor. Second team all conference on the floor. And they're like, no, this is our Player of the Year now. Because the Internet would implode. The Facebook comments would be amazing.

0:06:48 C: Yeah, the Facebook comments, exactly right. I know I never was around for, like, Mbr and the Forum days, but I know that Facebook comments and your mind mentions on Twitter would be pretty electric for a couple of days.

0:07:03 Adam: We definitely shut them off.

0:07:04 Lucas: Yeah.

0:07:06 Adam: All right, so let's look ahead to next year. Okay, so on the boys side, who is least likely or most likely to repeat? Would you say winners?

0:07:21 C: Let's see. So in AA, it's probably not South Portland because they graduate Jalen Jackson and a couple of other guys, and they're finally kind of out of holdovers of those back to back teams.

0:07:34 Adam: Of course, we didn't think they'd win this year after they losing JP Estrella.

0:07:38 C: Yeah, exactly. Lost JP and then lost Owen Maloney, who's now on the Humane men's basketball team. So I didn't think and I talked to Portland reporters that watched them a lot this year, and they didn't think that South Portland was going to get there. I didn't think Portland was going to get there to get through Oxford Hills, but they did.

0:07:55 Adam: Yeah.

0:07:57 C: In class a It's not going to be Brewer just because they're losing everybody five. We're all seniors, right?

0:08:03 Adam: Yeah.

0:08:04 C: So they're going to be kind of starting from scratch a little bit. And then I think I get that you got to go Orono. Orono or Southern Aroostook and D because Dylan Burpee is a junior this year. He'll be coming back and a couple of other kids, and it's just Southern Aroostook and Class D. Right, right. They've got a chance every year, but I think it'd probably be Orono just because they lose. I think one senior in their starting five, and they only had a couple total.

0:08:34 C: They bring back Pierce Walston and Ben Francis and Will Francis. They're going to have to compete again with Ellsworth, who brings back Chance Mercier. That'll be probably the best region. Again. That class B north. But I think you'd have to give it to them.

0:08:50 Adam: And what's going to be interesting about them is they could just as easily see Oceanside again because the Galley twins are juniors, and I think they're losing. I think the big guy, the big kid is a senior. Collins, so they'll lose him. But that's one of those programs that just reloads, and the Galley twins, you would assume are going to be even better next year.

0:09:16 C: Yeah, right. And then on the same side in girls, spruce Mountain could very well be there again. They were full of juniors, and Ellsworth girls were full of sophomores and juniors as well. The B final that came down to the wire, and Ellsworth won. So those two on the girls side could definitely see each other again.

0:09:37 Adam: Yeah, because I think wasn't a lot of the talk on Ellsworth was whether or not they were a year away. And they got there early, and I.

0:09:46 C: Thought Orono was a year away on the boys side. And I picked oceanside. And in mine, in Larry Mahoney's video that we did, I picked Oceanside by a couple just because they scored a bunch and Orono is still pretty young, but they proved me wrong. Their defense stood up and they got the job done.

0:10:06 Adam: Let's talk about Southern Aroostook for a minute. First of all, I've been to Dyer Brook, like, a lot of times. My family has a hunting camp there, and my grandfather was from there. I don't know where they're finding all these kids because I've never seen a basketball player in all the times I've been to Dire Brook. Like, not even in the grocery store.

0:10:28 C: I know. And then they just turn guys and girls into just stars. I think they what the girls team had, I think, 3000 point scores on the team this year, something like that. And they lose Maddie Russell, so I think they still have two more left on the team. And then the boys team, there's just a bunch of Burpee boys, I guess, like Hunter Burpee was there was great. Dylan Burpee was phenomenal this year.

0:10:55 C: He was really fun to watch. Then they just make Camden Porter their shooting guard or small forward type of thing, an all state, all region selection for seniors. And then Graham Silts, their big man, who just grabbed every single loose ball and rebound that there was. I mean, they make them into great basketball players. And I guess it's just it's got to be their youth program there, that it would have to be outstanding. Right?

0:11:23 Lucas: Yeah.

0:11:23 Adam: Because they just keep coming with guys.

0:11:26 Lucas: Yeah.

0:11:27 C: It's unbelievable. I want to do a story. I'm trying to talk to Cliff Ercart soon and talk to the boys coach there about just about that same topic. Just what is going on up there that makes it work? Yeah. What's the secret sauce?

0:11:44 Adam: Yeah, there's just not a lot going on up there in general. And like a lot of places up there, it's economically not doing as great as it was even 20 years ago, much less 40 years ago. And it seems to be a lot of hunting camps and stuff like that.

0:12:03 C: And basketball, I guess.

0:12:05 Adam: Yeah, that's what I was going to do.

0:12:07 C: Yeah. In the state, if you're not playing hockey, you're probably playing basketball as a kid, and some programs can capitalize on it.

0:12:19 Adam: So who's going to come for that crown in D, do we think?

0:12:24 C: Well, on the boys side, I think it's Bangor Christian they bring back I think they have three or four juniors coming back that will be seniors next year, and they're really confident in what they have. Jalen Reed is really an awesome player to watch if you ever get the chance. So I think it'll be them that tries to go after the crown there. And on the girls side, I'm not sure in south, there's not a whole lot that can even really compare to what Southern Aroustics put together. It's kind of wisdom in D North that I'll try to knock them off before they get to another state game. Right, right.

0:13:11 C: That's kind of how D is right now.

0:13:14 Adam: Well, and then you wonder if Valley can get over the hump, but I don't know how many people they're graduating off the top of my head.

0:13:25 C: Right. I don't remember either. And then I know that with the classification moving around and all that, like St. Dom's boys. I know the coach the boys coach there and Josh Laprell, and he's real confident in what they've got coming, and he's confident in the team. If they can move down to D, which is kind of where I think St. Dom's belongs anyways, they can give D South the run and see what happens. So I think the boys side is a little bit more close maybe than the girls. But wisdom showed they were a loose ball away from knocking off Southern aristic this year. In the girls side, I guess, really, anything can happen still.

0:14:09 Adam: And your friends and Jackman, I think they are out of desjardins now.

0:14:14 C: I think they're out of Desjardin's kids. Yeah.

0:14:16 Adam: Okay.

0:14:17 C: Which is a bummer. But Mason went out swinging, and then he won the academic award. He has, like, a 4.0. I think he's got a bunch of college credits already, the kids.

0:14:26 Adam: Wow.

0:14:27 C: Yeah. But yeah, I think they're out of Judge Jardens, so I don't know who else in D South is going to come take that, but yeah, it didn't seem like they're ever going to run out.

0:14:38 Adam: We just learned how to spell it, too, and now it's useless information to us.

0:14:43 C: Yeah.

0:14:44 Adam: All right, so in C, what do we think for C? Dirigo obviously, is losing pretty much everybody.

0:14:51 Lucas: Yes.

0:14:52 C: Dirigo is going to lose everybody. That's a lot of seniors.

0:14:56 Adam: And Charlie Houghton was one of those guys that I think a lot of people thought was going to be in the Mr. Basketball running and the running for the Gatorade Player of the Year.

0:15:04 Lucas: Yeah.

0:15:05 C: I thought he should have been a finalist for Mr. Basketball just because of his resume, two state titles, and then they picked I learned that the voting for that happens around the regional games, the regional final games, so it changes things. You can't wait until to see if Thornton or if Thornton can win a state title, or you can't wait to see Brady Saunders win a state title with Brewer.

0:15:32 Adam: But that doesn't really make sense because it's like a week later. It's not like they're handing it out before the state game.

0:15:41 C: No, right. They've got time, they should be able to wait.

0:15:43 Adam: Like this isn't the thing we're doing by mail or by carrier pigeon or anything.

0:15:48 C: Right? No, you send an email.

0:15:52 Lucas: Yeah.

0:15:52 C: And the Mr. Basketball and Miss Basketball is like a career award. So you're looking at a resume and you're looking at are you a good person? And community and school and all that stuff, which Charlie is. So?

0:16:07 Lucas: Yeah.

0:16:08 C: I don't know. I'm usually going to disagree with a couple of the picks, but it's not like anyone picked wasn't worthy. Charlie had one 3000 hundred points, 800 rebounds, two state titles. I thought he should be in the running. But to get back to your point, Dirigo loses everybody, and Calais loses a lot. Jace Cook and Jacob Soccer Basin. So those two state final teams will probably be out. You would think, but who knows, right?

0:16:44 C: And then Dexter, the boys side, loses Will Cousiners, who led them to the state game last year, and then semifinals this year.

0:16:54 Adam: Yeah.

0:16:57 C: They will look different. And so probably someone like Fort Kent right. That had a really good season. And then we'll probably wait on to see in the south who can come up. And then we have to wait for the classification classification stuff. Right. Moving up and down and what teams will look like. You'll probably get a lot of the same stuff. Old Orchard Beach will be good again, I think Monmouth will be good again.

0:17:23 C: We'll see. But yeah, I think C on the boys side is kind of wide open.

0:17:28 Adam: C south especially could be really wide open because I honestly have no idea who would be other than the teams you just named. But it wouldn't surprise me if Mount Abram was there, if Booth Bay was there, if Oob, any number of teams or whoever ends up dropping down from B to be in the mix. Yeah, I think that's probably the most wide open. So then B is the least wide open. Yeah, I think. But I wouldn't count out spruce in the south. I wouldn't count out York or Yarmouth.

0:18:05 Adam: Well, Yarmouth is losing a lot, aren't they?

0:18:07 C: I think Yarmouth is, but they made it further than I thought they would this year after losing after getting to that state title game and losing their big guys there. But yeah, I think B North is kind of a two, maybe three team race if Old Town can get in there again. But I think it's Orange, O and L's worth again, just two powerhouses.

0:18:31 Adam: You know what we're forgetting because we're idiots?

0:18:33 C: Who.

0:18:34 Adam: Oceanside is going to the north.

0:18:37 C: Oh, that's right.

0:18:38 Adam: In the classification. Oceanside and Medomak are heading north.

0:18:41 Lucas: Wow. Yeah.

0:18:42 C: So that'll make it so the south.

0:18:44 Adam: Gets real wide open now.

0:18:46 Lucas: Yeah.

0:18:47 Adam: And now we have a really interesting regional final, potentially.

0:18:52 C: Right.

0:18:53 Adam: And someone should look this up. Would this be the first time so let's say they get there to the regional final. Would this be the first time that two teams met in the state final one year and then in the regional final in the next year or any point in the regional tournament? Really?

0:19:11 Lucas: Yeah.

0:19:12 C: No, I wonder if that's true. But yeah, that just makes an already clogged at the top region even better. Holy cow.

0:19:20 Adam: Yeah, that's going to be a murderer's row of teams. Like one through eight.

0:19:27 C: Yeah, pretty much this year. It was my favorite region to watch just because one through four, you had Winslow, who got knocked out in the first round by Presque Isle. Malachi Cummings was phenomenal. But Caribou brings back a lot, so you would think a little bit better. Old Town Foxcroft is usually up there, too. Yeah, the B North will just be crazy with Oceanside up there. Also Oceanside and Medomak doesn't lose very much.

0:19:58 C: No, Medomak doesn't lose very much. So they'll be there. And then I'm looking at B south.

0:20:03 Adam: And yeah, I guess spruce and spruce and York.

0:20:10 C: Yeah, right. It's spruce and York. And maybe Yarmouth will just reload because that's kind of what they've been doing recently.

0:20:17 Adam: Cape, I would assume Cape is going to be there in some, right.

0:20:19 C: Cape doesn't go far away usually. And Spruce, you just talked to him, but Scott Bessie likes what he has. Jace is going to be a junior, and that much bigger and better. Yeah, that'll be a fun kind of wide open region. But B north, man, that'll be tough.

0:20:41 Adam: That'll be like the year where I asked Coach how many teams could win A North, and he said, ten.

0:20:54 C: Really?

0:20:54 Adam: How many can win? The whole thing goes 1010.

0:20:57 C: Yeah, there you go.

0:20:58 Adam: Eight are getting in, but ten of them could win it.

0:21:01 C: Yeah, I felt like five teams could make a run in B North, and I felt in A North that there were a whole lot of teams that could make a run at Brewer to get through there, too.

0:21:14 Adam: All right, let's go to A then. So Brewer we assume Brewer is going to come back to the pack and I'm going to hear about this already. I can tell by even suggesting it. So then what does that leave us with? Coney should be okay. Mount Blue.

0:21:33 C: Mount Blue, I believe still has Evan sterling, so they'll be strong. Nokomis loses Madden white, but they still have Dawson. And the Hartsgrove kid, and I think Alex Grant, the junior point guard, I think they'll still have so they'll be strong. Skowhegan loses Adam Savage, who really good player down low.

0:22:01 Adam: And the lapages.

0:22:02 C: Right. And the le pages.

0:22:03 Lucas: Yeah.

0:22:03 C: So they'll be a totally different team, but they have Adam Fitzgerald, who's I think going to be a sophomore next year, a guard who can just shoot the lights out. And he was a big reason they beat Brewer in that regular season game. He hit four threes in the first half wow. And gave him a lead.

0:22:19 Lucas: Yeah.

0:22:19 C: He was unbelievable. So he'll be fun to watch. So I think it'll be a lot of fun. It's going to be oh, and the Messalonskee team.

0:22:27 Adam: I was going to say that Messalonskee kid. I forget his name, but he looked vastly improved. Even, like, over the course of the tournament. Looked like he was getting better.

0:22:36 Lucas: Yeah.

0:22:36 C: I'm trying to look up his name, but he's, I think, like six foot nine and can really do it all. Hang on. Oh, merrick Smith.

0:22:49 Lucas: Yeah.

0:22:49 C: He's going to be a junior next year. He beat number two, Nokomis in the first round on a buzzer beater. He's really good. They'll be a strong team. Camden Hills, who gave Brewer a run in the first game of the tournament. They'll be strong again. I think they bring back a good amount, and I think they're sort of.

0:23:08 Adam: In a rebuilding process that's starting to take hold.

0:23:13 C: Right.

0:23:14 Lucas: Yeah.

0:23:14 C: They went a couple of years ago. They were one in 17 or something like that. Yeah.

0:23:19 Adam: They were really down around the time that Jeff Hart retired. And then so the new coach has been sort of putting things back together.

0:23:27 C: Right. So that'll be a really fun really even grouping up top with I'm sure Brewer will. Ben Goodwin said he's got a couple of sophomores that are going to be juniors that are going to be strong, and a couple of kids off the bench.

0:23:42 Adam: That kid, number twelve, looked like he had some real potential coming off the bench.

0:23:50 Lucas: Yeah.

0:23:51 C: Cayenne philbrick, I think yeah, he's the one that got hit in the head with the ball from Adam Savage in that game, but yeah. No, he's really talented. He's got a lot of athleticism, and he'll get a much bigger role next year. They only really played like seven guys down the stretch, so they're going to have a lot of more kids getting time. So they'll be an interesting team, too. So a lot of teams at the top of a north, boys that could make some noise.

0:24:20 Adam: That's always an interesting region. It's always deep and there's always a lot of talent in it. And I think depending on how the classification shakes out, hamden might be coming back into that group yes.

0:24:36 C: With this proposal right now, Hampden is going to be in that group, and they've got Landon Gabriel and Zach McLaughlin coming back so if they're down in A, I think you have to make them the front runners. I totally thank you for that because I totally forgot about that point.

0:24:53 Lucas: Yeah.

0:24:53 Adam: They had that one year where they were bad, which I'm not sure what happened there, but they were just terrible for one year. And then they seem to be back on the business.

0:25:03 Lucas: Yeah.

0:25:04 C: Zach Mcgollin can score with the best of them and shoot from anywhere. He's really fun. And so, yeah, they'll be a real good team. And I think probably the top of the pack, them and Nokomis and Cony, that'll be a really fun group.

0:25:18 Adam: And then in the South, I just always assume Falmouth is going to be in the mix because it just seems like they're always in the mix. It seems like you can't kill them no matter what you try to do.

0:25:31 C: Yep.

0:25:32 Adam: So who else you would greeley will probably be making seems like they had their bad year this year, where they were like, only the what, the five?

0:25:43 C: Yeah, only the 510 and eight. Very down.

0:25:49 Adam: The depths of Mediocrity there.

0:25:55 C: No, they'll probably be right back up again. Westbrook had a real good season, and I'm sure they'll be there. Gray Nugster, they had a really strong I don't know that people saw 15 and three coming from Gray, but Ryan De Chain is a really good coach. They'll be there and then Falmouth.

0:26:14 Lucas: Yeah.

0:26:14 C: I just assume in basketball and soccer that they're just going to have guys that play really hard and shoot well and just make it really tough on you, like they tried to do against Nokomis and then they really did against Brewer. They slowed it down and made it tough on them. So, yeah, they'll probably be at the top, too.

0:26:35 Adam: It's good to have those programs that you can count on to be there every year, because then except for the year that they're bad and you're like, I don't understand what's happening. What's wrong with the world? Why is Hampden two and 16? What multiverse are we in now? I'm confused.

0:26:52 C: Right?

0:26:53 Lucas: Yeah.

0:26:53 C: No, dave Halligan is too good. It seems to have too many of those years. It's like Edward Little. This year was in a North Boys was six and twelve. It's like, what happened?

0:27:06 Adam: And some of those programs, you don't even look at the roster. You're just like, well, they'll be fine.

0:27:12 Lucas: Yeah.

0:27:13 Adam: I don't know.

0:27:13 C: They'll figure out somebody to put in.

0:27:15 Lucas: Right? Yeah.

0:27:17 Adam: It's like when Medomak lost their entire starting lineup from last year to this year, and I was like, oh, no, they'll be the four seed.

0:27:26 C: Yeah. Oh, darn it.

0:27:30 Adam: Sure enough, they were the four seed.

0:27:32 Lucas: Yeah.

0:27:32 C: Right now, some groups just reload, man.

0:27:36 Adam: I mean, that's the youth program, right? If you have a good youth program, it's really easy to reload.

0:27:42 Lucas: Yeah.

0:27:43 C: Ellsworth, they've talked to me about theirs. Edward Little. I know, being from Auburn, that all any kid does in the summer is go to the gym and play basketball there at the school. Oxford Hills is building. That Bangor Brewer. They usually have good youth programs. So yeah, some of these groups, they just get it greeley. Like we said, they'll be back up just because they're greeley. There's a lot of teams that I'm excited about. We haven't gotten to AAA North, though.

0:28:15 Lucas: Yeah.

0:28:15 Adam: Let's do AAA north. Or just, I guess AAA.

0:28:18 C: Yeah, it's just right. You're right. It's just double A this year.

0:28:20 Adam: Now, assuming this goes through yeah.

0:28:22 C: Which we have the appeals meeting tomorrow, which they'll probably kick me out of until the end.

0:28:29 Adam: Well, it's your fault. This is what I was told.

0:28:31 Lucas: Yeah.

0:28:32 C: No, it is. It's my fault, which is fair. Yeah. I knew what was happening and Dave Dyer was tweeting a couple of things too, but I'm not putting him under the bus. I've already talked to him about it. I was like, it was our fault and mostly my fault, and he said, yeah. So anyways, they have their appeal meeting. I'm sure there will be a couple of teams that won't be happy about it, but we should have a statewide next year. So what do you think about that?

0:28:58 Adam: I think anything that gets a real region out of AA is a good idea. I think somebody's going to be upset no matter what ends up happening because that's just how the way the world works. But I mean, you can't have a region with seven teams in it. That's so stupid.

0:29:17 Lucas: Yeah.

0:29:18 C: No, it doesn't serve any kind of purpose. So I am glad that they're just making it one thing. I think they should probably try that with D as well.

0:29:29 Adam: I thought it made more sense for D. Yeah. Honestly, because from a company, it's a real question with D whether or not teams will be able to feel the roster in a given year. If you're in North Haven and you've only got eight girls in the whole school and you can't exactly get schools from a neighboring town because you can't really rely on school choice and it's probably pretty hard to recruit people on the sly.

0:30:03 Adam: So really, I think the statewide thing helps you there a lot because you don't have to worry about there only being six teams in D South some year and then the next year maybe there's twelve.

0:30:16 C: Yeah, right. Random teams had to bow out this year just because of numbers like rangeley, which usually really strong programs, especially on the girls side. They couldn't even field a team. And then Massabesic, which AA team makes no sense, but that's just how main high school sports are going, I guess, in the trajectory.

0:30:41 Adam: But they were able to field a JV team and play JV games, so they could have put together a team. They just didn't want to get blown out every night.

0:30:52 C: Right.

0:30:52 Lucas: Yeah.

0:30:52 C: And I think. Losing and then getting to the point where you can't field the team and then you don't want to. What is it? You have to miss, like, two years.

0:31:03 Adam: If you can't complete the season. Yeah, but I feel like that's probably flexible.

0:31:11 Lucas: Yeah.

0:31:14 Adam: Let's say you're Seacoast Christian and you have six kids and one of them breaks their leg and another one tears an ACL and you can't complete the season. I can't imagine the MPA is going to be like, no, too bad.

0:31:28 C: Sorry.

0:31:29 Adam: Two year man.

0:31:30 C: Right. Shout out to them, by the way.

0:31:32 Lucas: Oh, yeah.

0:31:33 Adam: That was impressive. That Forrest Hills game where they had four fouls on three players, and those three players are just not playing defense for the last four minutes of the game.

0:31:44 Lucas: Yeah.

0:31:45 C: Right.

0:31:45 Adam: And I don't mean that in a derogatory way. They're just straight hands up.

0:31:49 C: Yeah.

0:31:49 Adam: I'm right here. I'm not touching anybody.

0:31:52 C: Not even giving the reps a choice, right?

0:31:54 Lucas: Yeah.

0:31:54 Adam: Not giving you anything that you could even theoretically call on. Me just staying in the game.

0:32:00 Lucas: Yeah.

0:32:00 C: It was awesome. Sorry. Go ahead.

0:32:06 Adam: Okay, so, Double A, what do we think? Let's assume it's one region for fun.

0:32:10 Lucas: Yeah.

0:32:11 C: So what do we got? So Bonny Eagle loses Bouchard, I think, right. The tall six foot nine kid who I guess a coach was telling me that he runs his own business and he has, like, six employees. Like, has no intention of playing basketball in college.

0:32:33 Lucas: Yeah.

0:32:33 C: He's just got a plan and he's going with it. So that's awesome. Good for him.

0:32:36 Lucas: Yeah.

0:32:37 C: Gorham boys. Had a good season. I don't really know too much about what they bring back, but they were 13 and five this year.

0:32:44 Adam: Lewiston loses decayne.

0:32:46 Lucas: Yeah.

0:32:46 C: In the north. Lewiston loses decayne. He's going to Palmfrit School to play for his former assistant coach, Ronnie Turner. So that's very cool. Oxford Hills is going to lose Tegan Pelletier to a prep school because he's going to go play on that Maine United team with Cooper and Ace Flag.

0:33:06 Adam: I don't know a ton about AAU. So does he have to reclassify to get on that AAU team?

0:33:12 C: Yeah, he's got to reclassify a year down. That's what Landon Clark had to do as well, leaving Bangor. So he can't come back to Oxford Hills by doing that. So he'll be gone.

0:33:24 Adam: It's not based on your age. It's based on what class you're in.

0:33:28 C: It's graduating year.

0:33:30 Adam: Okay.

0:33:31 Lucas: Yeah.

0:33:31 C: So they all have to be on the same line. So he'll be gone. So that makes Oxford Hills a weaker team. And also Cole Palkin graduates. I think the guards at Portland, remy, Joanne and the other guy that was just in the McDonald's game, he's gone also. So they're going to be weaker. Cheverus loses. Silvano Hanbin is going to drop. Edward Little still has Marshall Adams. Mike Adams kid for another year. He can shoot the lights out. So they might take a step up, but it looks like AA might be.

0:34:09 Adam: Pretty open and a couple of teams are going up, right? No.

0:34:14 C: Yes.

0:34:14 Adam: Depending I'm trying to remember which one we're on now, but I know on some of them, teams were going up. Yeah, noble might be going down, but they might petition to stay up.

0:34:28 C: Right. That was the thing. There's a couple of groups that can go down that might not want to go down or stuff like that.

0:34:36 Lucas: Yeah.

0:34:36 Adam: I think what I've heard a little bit about Noble is that they might petition up.

0:34:45 C: Okay.

0:34:45 Adam: But I don't have anything solid on that. I don't know that they want to play. Do they even want to play an A South schedule?

0:34:53 C: Yeah, that, too.

0:34:55 Adam: Or they want to keep playing the teams that are already playing and they are on the rebound. They finally got in the tournament after so many years. Well, they always were in the tournament, but because it's stupid. But they finally got into the competitive part of the tournament. And I don't know if it's me and I'm coaching that team, I'm like, no, we're staying. We fought this much to get this good again, and let's see what we can do with it.

0:35:28 C: Yeah, no, I would try to run it. I also wish that we can move down, but I wish that we could also move up if teams wanted to move up A class. Oh, that's true. Yeah, that's true. They can just nobody does, because that's what Cheverus does. Cheverus says they want to play in the top group.

0:35:52 Adam: How funny would it be if Cheverus just said, no, we're good.

0:35:59 C: What would it be like?

0:36:00 Lucas: Yeah.

0:36:00 Adam: B or C. We'll play in B or C. Sure. Just for fun.

0:36:05 C: Just over.

0:36:06 Adam: Give it a shot.

0:36:08 C: Yeah. Oh, my God. The teams that they were let's go to Sea South. Who would they they'd be playing old Orchard Beach.

0:36:14 Lucas: Yeah.

0:36:15 C: A lot of Boothbay, Waynflete. I'd just be mean.

0:36:21 Adam: It'd be pretty entertaining if they did.

0:36:22 C: It for, like, two years. It would be pretty fun. They'll probably be pretty good. Chevrolet, I'm trying to think, oh, Scarborough has this freshman that trophy mode made a video on my friend Matt, class of 2026. So I think that means he's going to be a sophomore next year. Spencer booth for Scarborough. They'll be strong because that AAA South also loses a lot. Thornton loses Will Davies. South Portland loses that's Mr. Basketball.

0:36:53 Adam: Will Davies to you.

0:36:54 C: Yeah. Mr. Basketball and Gatorade Player of the Year. Will Davies.

0:36:58 Adam: Get it right.

0:36:59 Lucas: Yeah.

0:37:00 C: My bad. No, I mean, if you win it, you should have that on your title.

0:37:04 Adam: If you win an Oscar, they'd call you Academy Award winner for the rest of your life. It seems fair, right?

0:37:09 C: No, that's on me. So it looks wide open. Do you have any thoughts on AA?

0:37:15 Adam: Not really. I just am thrilled that they're going to most likely have to play a real regular season and that they're going to have to learn how to do heal points again because for the longest time, they were just all in the tournament. And I love the idea that now they aren't guaranteed a playoff spot and they have to actually earn their way in like everybody else.

0:37:38 Lucas: Yes.

0:37:38 Adam: I think it's going to be good for my site traffic.

0:37:41 Lucas: Yes.

0:37:42 C: And then it's good because I think one of the reasons they did this was because people were complaining that playing the first round of games at the higher seed didn't feel like the playoffs. And so they want to, by doing this, have eight teams and be able to play the games in Portland and make it actually feel like a tournament.

0:38:02 Adam: Would they all play the Cross Insurance Arena, the hockey rink, or they would play all of them.

0:38:10 C: Yeah, the CIA. So they always say that it's very expensive there, but they'll get they played.

0:38:16 Adam: At the Expo one year for double.

0:38:21 C: Probably from what I remember, just in my couple of years doing this, it's been at the Cross Insurance Arena, at least for like I would do Edward Little games and stuff. Maybe the south plays game or two in the Expo.

0:38:33 Adam: I have heard some rumors that they might start flexing stuff a little bit, which would be interesting. And I think the B title game was an example of that, where, from what I've heard, if they could have gone to the Civic Center for that, they would have gone to the Civic Center for it instead of the Expo. But the expo did fine. It did great for that night. But every single team in that game, the Civic Center is closer.

0:39:02 Lucas: Yes.

0:39:04 C: Right.

0:39:05 Adam: It would have made a lot of sense to send them there. Or if you've got AA playoff game between Edward Little and Bangor.

0:39:16 C: Right.

0:39:17 Adam: Maybe play that at the Civic Center. And then maybe if you've got Old Orchard Beach playing, whoever do that, send that from Augusta to the Expo, which makes a lot of sense for everybody.

0:39:33 Lucas: Yeah.

0:39:33 C: And that's what they wanted to do with that short lived Class S idea that they had. Rest in peace. They wanted to do flex tournament scheduling through the whole thing. So it would just be like by matchup, and they would have openings where they just plug in games.

0:39:50 Adam: Yeah, it's just looking like, oh, we could just swap these two things here. What I want them to do is and I was pitching this to somebody at the MPA during tournament week is if you've got that block of quarterfinal games and you got like the 09:00 P.m game have that be the two teams that are the closest to the arena and not don't have that one be Caribou versus Presque Isle. Just because Caribou Presque Isle is the one eight game.

0:40:23 Adam: Do that one earlier so those people can get home sometimes before four in the morning.

0:40:28 C: Right.

0:40:28 Adam: And maybe don't make vinyl haven play the 830 in the morning game when.

0:40:34 C: They have to compare it to what they have to do. Right. Yeah. That was incredible. They were in overtime and people were packing up and leaving because they have to go get catch the ferry.

0:40:44 Adam: And it almost went double overtime.

0:40:46 Lucas: Yeah.

0:40:47 C: Right. Which would have just you can just see the parish.

0:40:50 Adam: No double overtime. Just lose the game. We're not winning the state title this year.

0:40:56 C: Right.

0:40:57 Adam: We had a comeback.

0:40:59 Lucas: Yeah.

0:41:01 Adam: All right, so do you want to make predictions of our state winners for next year so that we can freezing cold takes it a year from now or you can do a victory lap a year from now.

0:41:15 C: Yeah, true. Okay, so let's see.

0:41:20 Adam: Okay, so AA. Give me your state champion.

0:41:23 C: State champion. And AAA. Man, it's so hard because we just went through all these teams that are losing people because I figure Cheverus. Cheverus. You know what? I'll go Cheverus. I'll pick Cheverus to win because they have Leo McNabb and they have another kid that I think is on that main united team. So I'll pick them.

0:41:49 Adam: Okay, so Cheverus. All right. So I kind of agree with you. Just to be difficult, I'm going to take south Portland because if they're going to lose everybody yeah, why not? Yeah. Clearly they're doing something there.

0:42:05 Lucas: Yeah. Right.

0:42:06 C: Something's working.

0:42:08 Adam: Something's working. All right. What do you think?

0:42:13 C: Oh, man. So we've gone over that. Nokomis brings back some people. Coney and mount blue. Do falmouth probably, right? Assume so. They lose judd Armstrong, though, who I really love watching. He had a real strong year. Let's see. I got to make a pick. We'll go with so hard.

0:42:44 Adam: I need the jeopardy.

0:42:45 C: Theme right now. Hampden is dropping down. If Hampden drops down, I'll pick.

0:42:50 Adam: There you go. I'm going to go with greeley because ten and eight is too far into the wasteland for them, and I feel like they'll write the ship. It might take them overtime, but they'll do it.

0:43:02 Lucas: Yeah.

0:43:03 C: No, I don't hate that at all.

0:43:05 Adam: All right, so, b, what do we think?

0:43:08 C: Well, with oceanside going up, that's crazy.

0:43:12 Adam: It's the winner of b north probably wins the state game 100%.

0:43:16 Lucas: Yeah.

0:43:17 C: And it's crazy because if you'll have Ellsworth, oceanside and Orono three teams that could win the state title and one of them is not going to get to the regional final, I will pick ellsworth to win. It seems like kind of a lame pick just because they've lost once or twice in the last two years, but I think that chance mercier will get them there.

0:43:48 Adam: I tend to agree with you. I feel like I'm not allowed to pick Oceanside because I will be disowned. So there's that. I kind of feel like old town. Yeah, maybe.

0:44:08 C: Why not, right?

0:44:09 Adam: Yeah, why not? Okay.

0:44:10 C: See, this is a tough one. We've gone over. Calais loses people. Dexter loses people. Fort Kent, they should be good, but it's like, who do they bring back? And then it's the competition. They play it's that kind of MVC thing. They play just MVC teams and they come tournament and stuff. I'll go Mount Abram just to be different. I like what they're building there. And I'll just go mount Abram.

0:44:46 Adam: I'm going to go Old Orchard Beach with the caveat that they get rid of those color on color uniforms. If they keep those white number on the white uniform uniform, then I rescind my pick.

0:45:01 C: That's fair.

0:45:02 Lucas: Yeah.

0:45:03 C: Good take.

0:45:03 Adam: All right.

0:45:04 C: So d Class d it's too easy to just pick Southern Aroostook again.

0:45:10 Adam: Yeah, it's no fun.

0:45:11 C: No. So I'm going to take Bangor Christian.

0:45:14 Adam: It's a good one. Let me think. I'm going to go out on a limb with Valley, all right. Because I feel like they might be the best team left in D South with no Desjardins around. I think that might be valid window.

0:45:37 C: And I'm wearing the Forest Hills hat, so no disrespect, but yeah, I think they're out of Desjardins and that's a pretty big loss every time they lose one.

0:45:50 Adam: Was Cooper Daigle. Was he a senior?

0:45:54 C: Cooper DAGLE three.

0:45:56 Adam: I think he had the longer hair.

0:45:58 C: Yeah, I believe he was.

0:46:01 Adam: That's a lot to lose.

0:46:03 C: So I don't hate valley, but I like the Bangor Christian team. I love Jalen Reed. And they gave Southern Roost, like, a really good run in the quarter finals, no semifinals. So I'll pick them.

0:46:17 Adam: All right. Is Machias losing people because they had a really strong regular season?

0:46:25 C: Yeah, they had a very strong season, and it was because of Shane Feeney, who was an all region McDonald's guy, but he does leave, he's a senior. And so they'll drop a little bit just because Shane Feeney did it all for him. He was six four. He should have been their big man, and he was at times, but he was also their best ball handler, so he was the offense. So they lose him and that the Ferguson kid who shot it well in the tournament. So yeah, they'll drop a little bit just because of graduation.

0:46:58 C: Right.

0:46:59 Adam: Okay. So do we think this classification thing is going to pass?

0:47:06 C: They're running out of time, right?

0:47:08 Adam: I mean, they got to do something. They have to make a decision.

0:47:12 C: I think it will I think you'll have a couple of teams that will complain, but you literally can't make every single team in the state happy.

0:47:22 Adam: Right.

0:47:23 C: And I think that this five class thing makes a lot more sense than the four class one just because with the four class one, you had teams dropping like, two classes with the relegation stuff. So I think the five class thing will pass, and I think we'll have a clear idea of things pretty soon.

0:47:41 Adam: Do we want to make a prediction of how many teams petition to stay up?

0:47:47 C: To stay up when they can stay down?

0:47:49 Adam: Yeah, when they could they could drop, because the clarification I got from Mike Burnham is they're not petitioning to go down. They petition to stay up. Because, honestly, it's a better look for the school to say, no, we believe in our kids, and we think they can compete in the higher class versus, please send us down to a lower class. You can't take this anymore. It's a very different look for the athletic department between those two things.

0:48:19 C: Yeah, that's a real good point. I think it's probably about, like, two teams a class. Right. That could drop down.

0:48:27 Adam: Yeah, it's something like that. There's three and a couple, but then some only have one.

0:48:35 C: I'll say, like, 50%. I wanted to say, like, 75% of the teams will stay up, but I think there will be teams that will be like, okay, yeah, we're good to drop. But actually, I'll say 75% stay up because I've talked to some coaches, and the Ads don't like that the boys and girls are split up, because then scheduling anything is that much harder for regular season stuff. I think there will be a lot of the tournament try to stay together.

0:49:05 Lucas: Yeah.

0:49:05 C: And then it was the tournament, too.

0:49:13 Adam: If your boys team is playing in the Civic Center and your girls team is playing at the Expo, that could be tricky.

0:49:20 C: Yeah, exactly. For a whole lot of reasons, then in the regular season, it's just trying to schedule games and practices around those games against different people and different times. And so, yeah, I think there will be a lot of teams that try to stay together as best they can.

0:49:36 Adam: Cool. All right, so now let's talk March Madness, because that's starting. This is going to be released on Thursday, which will be March Madness Day. So, I realized that I've been watching so much high school basketball. I've watched almost no college basketball this year. Did you know that Coach Kay retired?

0:49:58 Lucas: Yeah.

0:50:02 C: It was a pretty funny way. He lost his last regular season game to North Carolina, and then I think he lost in the Final Four to North Carolina. So if you don't like Duke, it was a pretty funny way to go out. Right. But they're right back into they're playing their best basketball at the right time because, of course they are. They're Duke, so they're a scary team. I think they're, like, a five seed.

0:50:22 Adam: They're a five, but they also have, like, the scariest twelve seed from what I the five minutes worth of research I did.

0:50:29 Lucas: Yeah.

0:50:30 C: I don't know where my bracket? I can pull it up on my.

0:50:32 Adam: Computer here, but, yeah, I'm going to pull mine up. We'll give everybody our final four picks.

0:50:37 Lucas: Yes.

0:50:38 Adam: So I did no research, which means I will have a perfect bracket.

0:50:42 C: Yeah, you'll do really well.

0:50:43 Adam: I'm going to do amazing all right, so here's what I got. I have Baylor, Purdue, which I don't feel good about at all. Houston and Gonzaga is my Final Four, and then I have Houston winning the whole thing.

0:50:58 C: Okay. All right. I'm still trying to get to mine. I don't know why this is so difficult. I know that I had you said you had Purdue.

0:51:07 Adam: Yeah, and I feel not great about that. Yeah, but I've done it. It's done. What's done is done.

0:51:12 C: Yeah, exactly. What are you going to do it's there? Let me get to it. I have Alabama. I really like Alabama.

0:51:22 Adam: Did they have a kid who's going to jail or is that somebody else?

0:51:25 C: Yeah, they had a kid who has been, I think, arrested for possible murder stuff, and then they have a kid who their best player, Brandon Miller got roped into it. But it seems like the guy that did the killing, from what I heard, left his gun with Brandon Miller in his car and had Brandon, like, bring it back. And he's like, okay, yeah, I'll give.

0:51:57 Adam: It a murder weapon.

0:51:58 C: And then that gun was used to kill people, I guess, allegedly. So he got roped into it, but the cops didn't charge him with anything. So, yeah, it's a whole big thing. But as a basketball team, I really.

0:52:12 Adam: Like Alabama as a collection of individuals.

0:52:15 C: Maybe not exactly sure. So I have Alabama, and then I have Memphis beating Purdue and then beating Duke for some reason, and I have them getting to the national championship. That's where I was like, I don't know what happened, but here we go.

0:52:34 Adam: I love how everyone has a bracket where they're like, I don't know how I have St. Mary's in the Final Four.

0:52:39 C: I don't know how that happened for a second. Yeah, I've got Indiana on the other side, and then I have UCLA also, but I'm an Indiana fan.

0:52:49 Adam: I was going to say, did you forget that you were doing the boys bracket while you did the Indiana part?

0:52:54 C: Right. Mackenzie Holmes yeah, so well, no, I know. I've watched a lot of Indiana, and I think they can beat anybody and they can also lose to anybody.

0:53:06 Adam: That's always fun. Yeah, that's who you want to really stake your bracket on. Can they win the whole thing?

0:53:12 Lucas: Yes.

0:53:13 Adam: Could they lose in the first round also? Yes.

0:53:15 C: Also yes.

0:53:16 Adam: Ride or die.

0:53:18 Lucas: Yes.

0:53:18 C: My team then I have Alabama winning it all.

0:53:21 Lucas: Okay.

0:53:24 Adam: Who's the team you're most excited to see in the tournament or what's the game? Is there a first round game where you're like you've already told the Bangor Daily News that you will not be available for anything for these 2 hours.

0:53:38 C: Right. So let's see. The Memphis FAU game will be really fun just because Memphis just won their conference and they're really strong, and FAU has, like, a seven foot white kid who I guess is really good. So that'll be fun. And what I'm really scared about is Indiana's first game against Kent State. That's a four and 13 matchup. Who. A lot of people have picked that 13 to win. So that's the game that I'm very nervous about.

0:54:11 Adam: So your bracket might just die real?

0:54:13 C: Yeah, we could lose it all in the first day, but that's all right. That's why we do it.

0:54:18 Adam: I mean, yeah, that's the whole point. You try to explain to people they're doing their first bracket, they get, like, devastated when their picks are wrong. It's like, yeah, your picks are all going to be wrong eventually.

0:54:30 C: Right, exactly.

0:54:32 Adam: Enough years, you have a year where you're just, like, completely toast on the first day.

0:54:37 C: Right.

0:54:38 Adam: And then you'll have some years where you're like, holy shit, I won the whole thing.

0:54:41 C: Yeah, right. Even getting to the weekend and you still have, like, three of your four final four teams is a win in my book.

0:54:49 Adam: My wife, one year, who watches zero college basketball, one year, she got to the what was it? She was in the 100th percentile.

0:54:58 C: Wow.

0:54:58 Adam: She's, like, in the top on the ESPN thing. She was in the 100th percentile on, like, I think it was in the Sweet 16.

0:55:05 C: Holy cow.

0:55:06 Adam: Something like that. She went real deep. It was crazy. And my brother was freaking out.

0:55:11 C: Right.

0:55:12 Adam: He's like, you don't even know anything about any of these teens. She's like, no, not really.

0:55:19 C: I worked in an elementary school for a couple of years last and last year we did a bracket with some of the kids, and I just told them what the mascot were, and we just picked mascots. We didn't do well. That's all right.

0:55:32 Adam: You would think they would do well with that. It's a good system.

0:55:35 C: Yeah, I did it with one kid where I just told him two names and he just told me which names to pick, and we were in, like, the 95th percentile until the final game on Friday when San Diego State, like, a seven seed lost, and that was in his final. So we lost everything. We were killing it for a little bit.

0:55:57 Adam: Yeah. All right, well, do you have anything you've got coming up at the BDN right now? Any cool stories that you can leak?

0:56:08 C: Yeah, I talked to Ed Kotala, the Orono head coach, boys basketball coach, about just the state championship and how it compares to the 81 championship and all that. That's a cool thing. And then in a couple of weeks, we'll have our basketball teams of the year coming out for boys and girls for the whole state. So you can get mad about that.

0:56:29 Adam: So you're picking one boys team and one girls team for the whole state.

0:56:33 C: 1St, second, and third teams for boys and for girls.

0:56:37 Adam: Oh, the normal players. The BDN does has been doing forever since, what, at least since the 60s? Because my uncle was in it in the it had been going on for a while then, I think.

0:56:55 Lucas: Yeah.

0:56:55 C: Whole state. We're sending out polls to a bunch of coaches to see who they like to watch, and I'll go from there. But not everyone's going to be happy. But that's all right.

0:57:06 Adam: That's the whole point.

0:57:07 Lucas: Yes.

0:57:08 Adam: And it'll just be there forever of your choices and the time you pissed off half the state.

0:57:15 C: Yes.

0:57:16 Adam: It'll be beautiful. And then you've got your show. Are you and Larry still doing the show in the offseason, or are you just going to pivot it to, like, spring sports?

0:57:23 C: I think we'll just pivot it to spring sports in a couple of weeks when baseball and softball get going here. Pretty soon.

0:57:30 Adam: If it stops snowing.

0:57:31 C: Yeah, if it ever stops snowing. But yeah, keep an eye out for that. And that's what we got.

0:57:38 Adam: Cool. Well, thank you for joining me.

0:57:40 Lucas: Yeah.

0:57:41 C: Thanks, Lucas.

0:57:41 Lucas: Yeah.

0:57:42 Adam: This has been a lot of fun. We'll have to do it again.

0:57:44 C: Yes, anytime.