A softball score on a warm day in December.


And you thought there wasn't going to be any basketball last night.

Let's start at Camden. The Windjammers entered the evening at 2-1, with wins over Cony and Brewer and a loss to Medomak Valley. They're hosting Oceanside, who are 2-0 on the young season, with the high water mark of 110 in a win over Cony and a comeback win over Medomak.

At the half, the Mariners are down 15. But this is a rivalry game and this is a blink-and-you-miss-it offense.

With 2 minutes left, they'd worked the Camden lead down to 66-58 and hopefully you didn't leave to get a hot dog, because you would have missed this:

That's a 12-4 run to close regulation and they just kept going, scoring 16 in the extra frame to survive in overtime. Carter Galley had 37 for the Mariners. Nolan Ames had 25 for Camden, who is looking like a sneaky good 2-2 team.

Oceanside moves to first in what looks like a deep B South.

Next, we'll go to Madawaska.

I've watched a lot of basketball in my life and I've never seen anything like this.

The Madawaska/Van Buren girls game was expected to be a low scoring affair. Van Buren entered the game averaging 17 points a game while Madawaska was averaging 4.5. Yes, 4.5.

At the half, Madawaska takes a 10-2 lead into the locker room.

Lucky for us, WOWL had to re-start their feed with 34 seconds left and the Owls clinging to a 10-8 lead with Van Buren in the Red Zone.

How did Madawaska manage to hold a lead without scoring in the second half? It doesn't seem like they stalled, but I'll be honest: I didn't watch the whole thing.

Anyway, after an airballed three that Madawaska failed to corral, Van Buren has one more shot with 3.4 to go.

The shot misses and the putback misses and then the putback is GOOD!

But they waive it off. Foul on the initial shot. 0.2 to play. There should be 1.5 seconds on the clock, but details.

Van Buren's entire team, minus the shooter, is talking to their coach when the officials put the ball in play for the first free throw, which is missed. Her teammates rejoin her for the second one, which she also misses. Madawaska thinks the game is over. But! We have a lane violation on the Owls (this is why coaches drink).

Now we have confusion and a timeout. (This is also confusing if you're watching it on mute in the corner of your screen)

With 0.2 left, that's not enough to catch and shoot (that extra second sure would be handy here), so Van Buren needs to miss the FT and get the tip-in for overtime. Naturally, the shooter makes the free throw, much to her frustration. 10-9. Timeout. And we have to reset the clock, which now reads 0:00.

I should point out that by now, several parents are convinced the officials are to blame for all of this.

So it's Madawaska's ball under their own basket. 0.2 left. All they need to do is throw it somewhere someone--anyone--will touch it. They throw it out of bounds. But the scorekeeper thought someone touched it. So we have to reset the clock again and we have another timeout. Van Buren has the ball on the baseline, but they can't get someone in position for a tip and the inbounds pass goes to Madawaska. Game over!

And that's the story of the team that won without scoring in the second half.

If you're wondering, that final 0.2 seconds took 4 minutes and 28 seconds to complete.

We were so close to adding a team to the 100 Point Club.

That's the Lawrence girls over Noble.

I kind of have a different view on sportsmanship than most people and maybe it comes from playing on a team that got blown out a lot. I never cared how much teams scored on us. There's no difference between 99-9 and 100-9. Go get the round number if you can. You never know if the opportunity will present itself again. I'd be more pissed off we only scored 9. Score 99 or 199. What's the difference?

Elsewhere, around the state...

Bryce Guitard had 21 of his 29 in the first quarter as Noble blew out Lewiston...Manny Hidalgo had another huge game for South Portland, but his 28 couldn't keep them from falling to 0-4 as they lost to Falmouth...Speaking of big AA scorers, Wyatt Benoit's 37 wasn't enough for TA against Cheverus. Leo McNabb had 17 for the Stags...Tanner McCann had 21 as Sanford beat Edward Little...Lukas Bouchard had 12 & 12 for York...Natalie Santiago's 20 led Deering to a win over Portland...Izzy Morelli's 27 fueled GNG's big 3rd quarter over Greely.

We have another 1,000 point scorer up north.

It can be tricky on mass postponement days to know what's happening, but Scoreboard did a pretty good job of keeping up (a better job than some media professionals were Tweeting...yes, the game in your coverage area postponed at 8am was still postponed at 4pm) and I added a feature when when a game was confirmed to be on, it went from gray to green, like this:

The Falmouth/SoPo game hadn't been confirmed yet. But you can easily see the games that were happening, the game that had already been rescheduled to Jan 2nd, and the PPDs with no set date. Pretty handy!

And then scores roll in.

We might have more today, especially in the harder hit areas, so check out the Scoreboard for updates.

This is a nice get for UMaine.

Here's an interesting thought. Anyone got an idea?

Speaking of deep regions, may I interest you in B North?

Caribou is 6th in the region in the Power Rankings and currently 12th in the Heal Points with a 2-1 record. They're going to need all the Heal Points they can get. They'll get an opportunity with Fort Kent, currently first in C North and coming off a road win over Southern Aroostook.

WHOU will have the stream.

The rest of today's game are after the jump.